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About Us

In here you will find inspirations and ready-made items mostly related to crochet and yarns, however you will also find other types of crafts: resin arts, floral crafts, and many more!


Baby Bestie

The cutest, fluffiest stuffed animals to be baby's best friend.

Albert, Katherine, and Butter the Sheep

 are all excited to meet you!

Visit our online store to see our ready stock besties!


Stay in Touch


Yellow! I'm Ri, grew up in Indonesia, spent my young adult life in Australia, and now I live in Singapore. 


Join me in my crafty journey: Try out something from here, share with me craftspirations and let me know what craft I should try!

    Have a custom product request, question about crochet (or any crafts), perhaps simply would like to say hello?

    Drop me an email or PM!

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