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About Happily Ever Crafter

Through this blog and website, I would like to share my crafting journey with you. I wasn't born crafty talented with crochet hooks in my hands (that would be creepy and painful for my mother); I am still learning and we can learn together!

In regards of what sort of crafts I do - while I am most familiar with crochet and amigurumi, Happily Ever Crafter is a little bit of many crafts (just like my personality - random)! I will be showing different crafts, like floral arts, resin crafts, jewelry making. (sometimes, a combination of 2).

Three things that I value most in Happily Ever Crafter:

Sustainability: I am constantly trying to find new ways to give a second life to items that can't be recycled and otherwise is going to landfill. Read about more sustainablity effort that HEC is doing here!

Creative Community & Growth: What is art if I can't share it with others? I will be sharing my ideas and how tos in my social media. I hope with these we can inspire each other and grow together in craft and art!

Boutique Artistry: Every single item is handmade and unique. Just like cooking; even with the same recipe and ingredients, every time I make something they are all different in their own ways. 

If you would like to know more about our brand, who is behind, and what the journey is like, read my introductory blog post: Introduction: chapter 1. The "What"

If you're still reading , thank you so much for reading my story until the end! Here's a little appreciation:

What's a fetus' favourite craft?



Have a great day and happy crafting!


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