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How to care for us

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* For children under 5 years old, please use our products under adult supervision


General Care Instructions

  • Hand wash:

    • Cold water

    • Preferably spot wash only

    • Do not wring​

    • Do not scrub / rub 

  • Washing Machine:

    • ​Cold wash in laundry bag

    • The more packed the laundry bag is, the better (reduce friction)

    • Use delicate or gentle option

    • 400 - 600 spin

    • Less (time, spin, detergent) is more!

  • Dry flat in shade

    • Do not tumble dry

  • You can also send us to the dry cleaners.

  • If in doubt, one of my yarn tail came undone, or if it looked like I am unravelling - my mama maker said to please feel free to contact her , and she would definitely see what she can do to help me :)


The idea is to reduce as much friction as possible as friction creates piling of our fur.

We also would like to keep our original shape & colours even after washing. Apparently, when I am wet, I can be "molded" & reshaped -and I will dry that way!

Baby Items

  • For baby teethers, please wash us with gentle soap that is safe for baby's mouth

  • Preferable do not dry clean us! Dry cleaning uses solvent which may not be suitable to baby's sensitive skin

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Crochet Cotton Rounds


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