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Sustainability Effort

In effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle, one of the things that I can't bring myself to is buying new polyester stuffing.

Instead of buying a new one, I would gather unwanted stuffed toys and pillows to upcycle. All of my stuffed animals are stuffed with cleaned, reused stuffing.

Any leftover good sized fabric offcuts would be made into fabric buttons, and any scraps in my house won't go to waste! For example, my broken laundry bag is turned into upcycled soapsavers.

Same thing with packaging waste. I dislike the idea of buying a bunch of new packaging and polymailer just for it to end up in a bin within a day.

So, all of our packaging are made from reused or upcycled bags and polymailers that I got whenever I buy my supplies.

They are not the prettiest, but as long as we can reduce our carbon footprint! :) 

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