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Custom Request

Our custom project slots are full until end of 2021!

Thank you so much for your support - feel free to send an enquiry or discuss the design, however product delivery will not be until February 2022.

If you need our help in creating an item that is specially yours, we would be honored to take your personalised orders or commissioned projects!

Simply send us an email, or contact us through our social media with the details of your request.

Please note the following:

  1. Upon initial request, I will quote project cost and estimated turnaround time, discuss design and reference photos. You may decide to continue with the agreement or not.

  2. Turnaround time guide: Any commissioned projects would take at least 2-3 weeks for small-medium projects. For larger, more intricate projects please expect longer turnaround time (depending on the projects)

  3. Costing guide:

  • Design fee is SGD 50 - payable upon agreement.

  • Project fee depends on project's intricacy: number of colours used, type of stitches used, project's size  - and will be on top of design fee.

  • Project fee for small items (up to 15cm): SGD15-35

  • Project fee for stuffed animals/medium items (bags) (15-45cm): SGD50-75

  • Project fee for large items (blanket, rug): SGD 200+

Please note that custom orders are non-refundable as they are made specifically for you.

Design fee is non-refundable if you decided to not continue with the project after the design has been made.

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