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Introduction - chapter 1. The "What"

Hi guys, welcome to the happily crafting family!

Let me introduce our brand Happily Ever Crafter - my vision for this brand is to show and share that crafting is fun for all ages, everyone can craft (given enough patience), and that crochet could be modern and chic!

Through this blog and website, I would like to share my crafting journey with you. I wasn't born crafty talented with crochet hooks in my hands (that would be creepy and painful for my mother); I am still learning and we can learn together!

You would see that at the moment, my main craft skill and preference is crochet, simply because I have the yarn and the skill available. Having said that, I am craftily messy and open to all type of arts and crafts. In our journey together, I am hoping that I would be able to show more contents in drawing, floral arts, voice arts, resin arts. Let me know if you would like me to try a specific art/craft!

We are physically located in Singapore, but virtually we are....everywhere (muahahahahahaha). Hence Happily Ever Crafter's merchandise are most convenient to purchase from Singapore and neighboring countries.

We still ship our merchandise internationally with our public postal services charges, I completely understand if the shipping charges make you feel a little dizzy. If you know any couriers or shipping company that accept relationship with small businesses and could ship more affordably, please let me know!

However I would like to remind us that Happily Ever Crafter is so much more than our cute merchandise. International followers can still....follow me ;) ,be inspired through our contents, and our patterns are accessible online too!

Handmade items as a gift are always great; but they are even better when they are made by someone they know personally! This is why I encourage fellow crafters and followers to try and re-create my works if it reminded you of someone.

My aim is that this website's contents could inspire you, where ever you are in your craft journey. Whether you are thinking to learn a new skill, just recently trying something crafty, or if you are experienced crafters. I also hope that we could inspire each other to stay crafty and keep crafting - whatever the motivation behind our arts and crafts.

Get to know me a little bit more personally in my next post: Introduction - chapter 2. The Who

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