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Simple Tiny Snowflake

Hi guys!

So yesterday I really wanted to make a mini snowflake that fits on my fingertips.

The downside to tiny things is that I can't use my existing 5cm snowflake design as it won't fit and the details won't look very good.

The upside is any simple stitches looks elaborate!

Keep reading to learn how to make this beautiful tiny snowflake.

I finished one tiny flake in about 5-8 minutes.


Lacing yarn

1,5mm hook

in a magic circle:

ch 3 (first chain is counted as 1 hdc)

(hdc, ch2) x 5,

tighten magic circle, slip stitch to ch 3 space

There should be 6 "hole" spaces that we just made with the hdcs. It should look like this:

Formula for each petal (into each space):

*ch3, sl st to space,

ch5, sl st to space,

ch3, sl sl to space,

ch1, sl st to the next space

Repeat from * 5more times, resulting in 6petals

Fasten off, and tighten magic cirle again if needed.

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